Quest to Master Algebraic Division

This week’s project to create a digital story has been fraught with difficulties.  The first issue that arose was the idea of having images and video of my students at work.  In Calgary, I am bound to protect the identity of my students through FOIP legislation.  That meant no video or pictures of my students, so I was left with the quandary of how to  portray their learning without them in the picture.  I decided to go with showing their pre and post test examples with the component parts of this part of the unit.  That is, it became more of a chronicle of how I tried to elicit learning in my students, not a chronicle of their learning in and of itself.

The next hurdle was imovie.  Since I started using imovie trailers I find that imovie themes are just not exciting enough.  If I am not excited to what what I make, who else will be?  However, the trailers run about a minute long and I knew my movie would be about 5 minutes.  So I converted my trailer to a project, added what else I wanted to include, then looped the audio and recompiled the extended imovie trailer.  To accomplish this project I ended up using imovie, Comic Life, Dropbox, Youtube, Audacity, and Windows Live Movie Maker.  Each tool had something that the others didn’t but combined they worked to create a project I am proud of.

The last problem of the week was that I got very sick and due to coughing lost my voice.  No narration for me!  As a result, I had to find alternative ways to express my thought processes without overloading the presentation.  I know auditory and video work better together than video and text but one does what one has to when overcoming challenges.

I hope you enjoy the journey through the mastery of Algebraic Division.


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