Passion and Curiosity Quotients in my work

This week in CEp812 looks at an article by Thomas L Friedman that talks about his belief that the Passion Quotient and Curiosity Quotient will be as helpful and in some cases more helpful in the future than Intelligent Quotient at having the right people doing the right jobs.  While I do not think the situation is as dire as he makes it out to be I agree that passion and curiosity are valuable traits to have and to foster in my students.

We were asked in response to this article to create something with some digital technology that shows our passion and curiosity in our job and how we use digital technology to foster that passion and creativity in our students.  When I got this assignment I was really at a loss as to what to do to show my P.Q. and C.Q. that I have for my work but I knew without a doubt that I show them everyday at work.  When talking to my colleagues at lunch they said just film yourself doing anything and that will be good enough, but I was not satisfied with that.

This year I was inspired to try gamification in my classroom using points and badges to monitor formative assessment and to leave the marks that go on the report cards to summative assessments.  I knew I wanted to do this but I struggled with what that was going to look like.  That is when I discovered the blog of Michael Matera.  He has created a system that mimics the points, levels, and badges found in many digital games.  I purchased his set of google spreadsheets and got started setting up my classes with it. Since I started investigating gamification in the classroom I have seen many iMovie trailers on youtube.  So for this project I decided to make one for myself.  I had never used iMovie before but I felt confident I could do it, not to mention curious about the old fashion map animations I saw, so I got started.  I decided to create the trailer to whet the curiosity of my students about what they could expect math to be like this year in the gamification world called Foxhaven.

My students asked to watch it a 2nd and sometimes a third time and kept asking what the different pictures meant.  The excitement was palpable in the room today. I hope it continues as the year progresses.  I can’t wait to start the exploration of Foxhaven in my classroom, hopefully it will help to foster curiosity in learning mathematics and create students who are passionate about learning as much as they possibly can.  I do not look at the work I do as a job but as a calling so I love what I do.  Every year the learning needs of my students increase and as a result I need to be curious to figure out what exactly will work for each child.  While Friedman labeled the CQ as curiosity quotient I think it would be better served to be Creativity Quotient.  Nothing changes if you are just curious it takes creativity to make the changes you want in the world.

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3 thoughts on “Passion and Curiosity Quotients in my work

  1. Sara Beauchamp-Hicks says:

    Amy–your work truly continues to really impress me. I would love to see you in action–your students are really lucky to have someone who is so passionate and creative. This final blog post was probably pretty simple for you as it is evident that you live this life–teaching is clearly your passion. Thank you so much for bringing your unique style and intelligent, creative self to MAET. It has been a pleasure to read and watch your work this session. Best of luck to you!

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